Finally! … A Revolutionary Laser Technology developed Speciffically to Clear Toe Nail Fungus!

The PinPoint Laser directs a Gentle Laser light through the nail & nail bed,

killing fungus but leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed .

This Gentle Laser light destroys Fungus but has no effect on healthy tissue.

On your first visit our Doctors will work with you in developing a personal Fungal nail treatment plan. A plan that is right for you. In addition to the Laser treatment, several or all of the following will be required with your personalized plan.
1. Debridment of the nails to remove Excess Fungal material .
2. Topical antifungal cream for the skin folds & around the nail edges .
3. Topical antifungal Oil for the nail plate itself.
4. Topical antifungal cream for the skin of the Feet .
5. Antifungal spray for fungal control inside your shoes .
6. SteriShoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer which Kills Shoe bacteria and Fungus.
A comprehensive approach and plan provides lasting results. Adopting this plan as part of your Daily & Weekly routine will assure you are FUNGUS FREE for a Lifetime!

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FDA cleared and the only Laser speciffically designed for Toe Nail Fungus! PinPoint’s wavelength, pulse structure and spot size targets and destroys the fungus. This unique Laser pulse ends before damaging surrounding tissue or causing pain. PinPoint is unmatched in its field, there is NO OTHER LASER like it!

You don’t have to be Embarrassed anymore! We offer an innovative Cosmetic Solution to Unsightly Nails!
KeryFlex Restores your nails and your Confidence!

Six months post Laser.

Keryflex can be applied during your Fungal nail treatment !! You don’t have to Hide your nails anymore!

Keryflex keeps out moisture & contains an antifungal – leaving you safe and protected during treatment .

Yes! You can Polish your new Keryflex nail !! Please click this link to View the Keryflex Videos!