Bunions are abnormal bone formations that are prevalent on the foot. They are also one of the most common types of foot problems. Bunions are typically heredity which suggests that the innate shape of the foot may be the cause for the condition. Typically, bunions worsen over time and cause discomfort, difficulty walking, and skin problems such as corns and lesions.

Tailor’s bunions are a variation of the traditional bunion. This common foot ailment that is typically caused by continued pressure to the outside of the foot. In this case, the bunion is situated on the outside of the 5th toe. It causes the foot to rub against shoes and can create redness, swelling and even require surgery. Often, protecting the area by padding or something as simple as eliminating the wear of shoes that are too small or tight can help withthe pain.

However, if you have a Bunion there are issues with your Biomechanics that should be addressed. Consulting a Podiatrist who can evaluate the condition and recommend treatment is a wise course of action. The sooner a treatment plan is implemented the better. Controlling the Biomechanics is the first step. Custom Orthotics will accomplish this goal and slow down progression of the deformity, possibly avoiding or delaying Surgical intervention.

Treatment of Tailor’s Bunions is fairly simple. Just by using padding and wearing a wider, softer shoe can help the problem. Also, shoes can be spot stretched to make the area of the shoe a bit wider next to where the Tailor’s bunion lies. This is commonly done in a Podiatrist’s office. Custom Orthotics will reduce stress and pressure at the Bunion, reducing pain and providing Biomechanical Control of the deformity. Custom Orthitics are covered by Most Insurance companies if prescribed by a Professional. Don’t waste money on over the counter devices that won’t provide the needed control. Consult your Podiatrist today!

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Tube foam may be cut to size!

Silicone or Foam pads provide protection!